Roof Garden Design

High density living is becoming synonymous with city life and taller buildings. Those fortunate enough to live in roof top apartments and penthouses, or with access to the roof top of the building, have all the benefits of life on the high side with enviable views.

A roof garden is the opportunity to utilize unused space more productively, creating an urban patch of green up high. The structural capacity of your building will determine the extent that you can go, be it a full plant covering of the roof, (still with entertainment opportunities), or with plants and trees in a collection of planter boxes and/or pots.

How to create a Roof Garden

To create a roof garden you will firstly need to obtain information regarding the load bearing capacity of the roof structure, drainage and balustrade regulations. Climatic conditions on the roof may be harsh. Temperatures are likely to be hotter than at ground level, evaporation will be faster, and winds will be stronger. Salt may also be in the air.

The choice of plants, growing mediums and pots will be influenced accordingly. Fortunately, there are new technologies that cater to the requirements of Roof Gardens. Luckily plant growers are increasing their production of suitable plant species, and despite the harsher climate on a roof, it is possible, with good design, to create an exciting garden to enjoy.

Your local Council may require a DA, and although they are generally supportive of the concept, you will need professional advice to proceed.

The benefits of a Roof Garden

The benefits of a roof garden are both personal and environmental. Your roof garden provides you with a garden that you would not have otherwise been able to enjoy. The contribution to the environment is monumental.

The heat generated off the tall glass and concrete apartment buildings has a detrimental impact on the enjoyment of our cities.

If you have heard of the “heat island effect” it is the direct relationship between the rising and warmer temperature of our cities with the proliferation of these buildings. You will have noticed the cooler temperatures of the larger public parks.

Green infrastructure can mitigate the impacts of the” heat island effect”, improve water and air quality, provides amenity and create habitat for flora and fauna.

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