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Balcony Gardens

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Balcony Garden Design

Apartment living has become the choice for many of us, regardless of age, career aspirations, children, pets etc. Apartments represent a lifestyle choice that generally provides proximity to restaurants and bars, clubs, transport and shopping. If you are fortunate to own an apartment with a balcony, what do you do with it?

A balcony garden is a unique opportunity to create an extension of the internal living space and connect to an outdoor lifestyle at home. Today’s gardens are an integrated composition of plants, herbs and outdoor entertaining….. a balcony garden is no different. You have paid handsomely for the privilege of owning or renting a balcony, and it is so important to “get it right”, as it integrates into the overall living space.


How to create a Balcony Garden

To create a balcony garden, careful consideration must be given to the plant selection, ensuring that they will survive the climatic conditions of the site. Plants in pots, behave differently from those in the ground. If the balcony is under cover it will likely be in shade for part of the day, and perhaps full sun for the rest. Think about irrigation, will you remember to water your plants, or is it best to install automated irrigation?

Be careful not to clutter, do the opposite and go with less pots and plants, but make them larger. Give it scale so that the height and width of the space is complemented by the selection of pots, plants, furniture, lighting and decore.


the benefits of a Balcony Garden

The benefits of a balcony garden are only limited by your imagination and the physicality of the space. The selection of plants, pots and furnishings should have a seamless relationship with the internal living space connecting both spaces as one, particularly if you are able to open floor to ceiling doors between the two zones. You will want to flow effortlessly throughout the entire living spaces, as you relax and read, enjoy a meal and entertain. The picture that you see when looking out to the balcony should have composition just like any piece of artwork

Lots to think about, so to “get it right” connect with Leaf Stone Water to assist you to do so.