Personalised Inner City garden designs that add value to your home and lifestyle


My passion is creating beautiful design solutions for outdoor spaces at home.

I believe that the best results come from establishing a dynamic connection between the client and the chosen designer, whose style resonates with yours, and with whom you may comfortably share inspiration and values.


"beautiful design requires passion, creativity, inspiration, individuality, commitment and communication" - Brian Fuller.

My goal is to design the perfect garden for your personality, lifestyle and location. Here's a taste:

Whether your home includes a balcony, courtyard, rooftop or a larger front or rear garden, it deserves a garden that blends your personal style with the architecture of your home.

Balcony Gardens


Balcony gardens may be small, but good design will ensure they are big on impact.

The balcony is an integral ingredient to the architecture of the building and Brian greatly advocates a design that is complementary to it. A balcony garden is your connection to a life outside, an expression of how you live, entertain and relate to the natural elements.

Being small, everything is visible and so blemishes cannot be hidden.

A meticulous design that adopts a restrained palette of plants, pots and furnishings will make a big impact to balcony life.

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Courtyard Gardens


Although outside, none the less they are "rooms" with a huge potential to add value to both your home and to your lifestyle.

The courtyard is a multi purpose room, so the design must highlight the exciting elements of the garden and diminish the others. Courtyards are generally a walled outdoor room, creating a sense of privacy, but at the same time a potential sense of entrapment if not designed carefully.

Brian works with focal points, accents and color to create a unique space of individuality, expression and functionality.

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Roof Gardens

EXD8H0 1.6 MB.jpg

Effective roof garden design capitalises on the open sense of adventure to the space. It's the blend of panorama with the intimacy of your special place far from the busy world below.

Brian injects a sense of freedom to the design whilst respecting the limitations that come with greater climatic variations – it is in fact an opportunity.

More than any other garden, the importance of plant sustainability, irrigation and drainage are key elements to roof top garden design. New technologies further enhance the opportunities.

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