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The importance of Plants & Garden Surroundings while Working from Home

Working from Home – The New Office

The enforced lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic has meant many professionals have been required to work from home.

Sounds wonderful, no more commuting on congested roads or waiting for the late train in the rain. No office politics to navigate or long and tiring meetings with the boss. We have learnt how to take advantage of new technology with online apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Team.

However working from home does have some negative consequences. Many people in creative roles thrive on the stimulation that comes from brainstorming with team members. Others need the reassurance of a work colleague or a superior. For some it is the team spirit that is generated by personal interaction in the office environment.

The reality is that the home office, which had been a growing trend prior to the pandemic, is now likely to grow at a faster rate. Technology facilitates it, and research suggests that up to 60% of the workforce could work from home, and companies will seek to reduce costs by scaling back their real estate office requirements.

Contact with plants is highly beneficial to human health and wellbeing?

So what has all this got to do with plants and garden? Do plants matter? Yes they do. Research suggests that contact with plants is highly beneficial to human health and wellbeing.

A Norwegian study has revealed that whether active (gardening) or passive (viewing plants through a window), people in spaces where plants are present are more likely to experience the following outcomes:

  • Psychological and physiological stress reduction
  • More positively toned moods
  • Increased ability to refocus attention
  • Mental restoration and reduced mental fatigue
  • Improved performance on cognitive tasks
  • Reduced pain perceptions in health care settings

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A Californian study found that call centre employees with a garden view performed six to seven times faster than those in cubicles or looking at other buildings.

Another study found that office workers with a view of outdoor plants had lower rates of stress than those overlooking a car park.
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So do you want a better experience, a healthier work attitude with a more productive day in your home office? The benefits of a sustainable work life balance seem obvious if you enhance your office with plants or a garden view.

Working from home is feasible with technology. Looking out over a quiet and tranquil garden improves productivity, reduces stress, relieves fatigue and greatly improves wellbeing. Enhance your working day with a new garden view from your home office with Leaf Stone Water.

It’s time to talk to a professional garden designer to guide you.

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