The benefits of engaging a landscape designer

Ever walked past a house in your area and said to yourself…WOW…that garden has a lot going for it. Not only is it lush with healthy plants, but it just has something extra about it. Your green with envy (pardon the pun), and thought to yourself…“I wish I had a garden like that”.

Similarly, we have all been inside someone’s home and thought…how did they get it to look like that?

Chances are the owners engaged a professional.

There is a difference between a normal build, and an architecturally designed home. A good architect will maximise the use of space without compromising functionality, creating good flows between rooms and open plan living areas, ensuring plenty of light, whilst incorporating the latest technology into the design. Couple that with great interior design, and your blown away.

When it comes to the garden, you can DIY or hire a landscaper to do the heavy lifting, BUT listed below are some reasons why you might consider engaging a professional landscape designer in the first instance.


A landscape designer is exposed to a wide range of garden styles, the latest technology and is constantly researching new trends to inspire and assimilate with the local environment. A professional landscape designer can offer ideas and styles that may take you way beyond your own level of garden design appreciation.


A good landscape designer is trained to fuse your personality, lifestyle and your home’s architecture into a garden design that is a reflection of you, your style and successes. A designed garden has the ability to make a statement about who you are.


Despite accredited training, a professional landscape designer should possess that innate talent to conceptually visualise a garden that will engage you and lure you into your garden, encouraging you to relax within it, entertain and enjoy. A well designed garden not only adds value to the property, but also to your lifestyle.


A professional landscape designer working within your area will have extensive knowledge of the many plants that grow extremely well in the local climatic conditions. He or she will quickly formulate a plant palette that is cognisant of the available light, soil conditions and water requirements together with the seasonal characteristics of each plant.


Next time you see a garden that you admire, note the different plant textures and colors. You will observe complementary and or contrasting features that stimulate interest and excitement. You may observe that one plant that works well with the other in a way that you may not have imagined. A garden should be just as exciting in autumn and winter as it is in spring and summer.

The choice of pavers, stone, or wood and other hard surface products provide the framework to the garden, maximising the space to it’s full potential.

It’s all in the design.


The best landscape designers belong to industry associations such as AILDM (Australian Association of Landscape Designers and Managers) or the LNA Master Landscapers Association. Members have an instant network with peers and a wide range of professionals within the landscape industry, as well as training and the support of these respected Associations. As a potential client you stand to gain so much added value to the final outcome of your garden.

The designer will have contacts with credible nurseries, building suppliers, pool builders and landscapers etc.


Incorrect plant selection will result in slow growth or perhaps plant casualty and expensive replacement.

Planting drought tolerant plants with high moisture requiring plants will result in disaster.

A desired tranquil garden will be anything but tranquil if aggressive colors within the garden are used.

If the structural layout of the garden is poorly executed, the garden investment will provide little return and will be a missed opportunity to create something truly wonderful.

In the long run a landscape designer will save you money and time.

Example of a Landscape Designer’s documentation.


Alway remember, the houses with designer gardens, command a higher price than the others at sale time.

Keen to know more about the benefits of engaging a Landscape Designer, talk to Brian, he would love to help.

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