Personalised Inner City garden designs that add value to your home and lifestyle

"beautiful design requires passion, creativity, inspiration, individuality, commitment and communication" - Brian Fuller.


My passion is creating beautiful design solutions for outdoor spaces at home.

Whether your home includes a balcony, courtyard, rooftop or a larger front or rear garden, it deserves a garden that blends your personal style with the architecture of your home.

I believe that the best results come from establishing a dynamic connection between the client and the chosen designer, whose style resonates with yours, and with whom you may comfortably share inspiration and values. 

My goal is to design the perfect garden for your personality, lifestyle and location.


We  use some external images on this website to share styles that will hopefully inspire you towards a beautiful garden of your own. 

Landscape Designer specialising in inner city Sydney

Leaf Stone Water specialises in landscape design and garden styling for inner city Sydney courtyard gardens, rooftops, balcony gardens and larger front or rear gardens.

We are independent of the larger design and construction companies, therefore enabling us to offer a refreshing approach to design, styling and project management.

Landscape Designs to suit your personality

Our approach is design focused to create sensory experiences at home that are styled and yet functional, but always individual.

We aspire to provide you with a unique design for your outdoor space that is as individual as you are, a design that ages gracefully over time with stylish touches that reflects the personality of you and your family.

Our name reflects the three essentials to any garden – LEAF for the plants that give life to the garden, STONE for structure and WATER to nourish and engage the senses.

Landscape Design for Inner City Living

Leaf Stone Water is the brainchild of Brian Fuller, a fully qualified landscape designer with a diverse background in the creative sector, customer service and corporate life. He is passionate about creating wonderful homes to share with family and friends. As someone who likes to dabble in residential real estate, he knows from personal experience that a creative and well designed garden can enhance your lifestyle whilst simultaneously increasing the value of your home.

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We specialise in inner city garden designs

Beautiful gardens have soul, self expression, uniqueness and a patina that portrays images of having lived well over time. They beckon those who use it to linger and enjoy it for longer.

Our designs are sensitive to sustainable practices that embrace the latest technology to deliver outcomes that are both environmentally responsible and personally gratifying. We design:

"I believe that great design should not cost the earth, they should add to it" - Brian Fuller.

Balcony Garden Design

Apartment living has become the choice for many of us, regardless of age, career aspirations, children, pets etc. Apartments represent a lifestyle choice that generally provides proximity to restaurants and bars, clubs, transport and shopping. If you are fortunate to own an apartment with a balcony, what do you do with it?

What is a Balcony Garden

A balcony garden is a unique opportunity to create an extension of the internal living space and connect to an outdoor lifestyle at home. Today’s gardens are an integrated composition of plants, herbs and outdoor entertaining….. a balcony garden is no different. You have paid handsomely for the privilege of owning or renting a balcony, and it is so important to “get it right”, as it integrates into the overall living space.

How to create a Balcony Garden

To create a balcony garden, careful consideration must be given to the plant selection, ensuring that they will survive the climatic conditions of the site. Plants in pots, behave differently from those in the ground. If the balcony is under cover it will likely be in shade for part of the day, and perhaps full sun for the rest. Think about irrigation, will you remember to water your plants, or is it best to install automated irrigation?

Be careful not to clutter, do the opposite and go with less pots and plants, but make them larger. Give it scale so that the height and width of the space is complemented by the selection of pots, plants, furniture, lighting and decore.

What are the benefits of a Balcony Garden

The benefits of a balcony garden are only limited by your imagination and the physicality of the space. The selection of plants, pots and furnishings should have a seamless relationship with the internal living space connecting both spaces as one, particularly if you are able to open floor to ceiling doors between the two zones. You will want to flow effortlessly throughout the entire living spaces, as you relax and read, enjoy a meal and entertain. The picture that you see when looking out to the balcony should have composition just like any piece of artwork

Lots to think about, so to “get it right” connect with Leaf Stone Water to assist you to do so.

Courtyard Garden Design

Perhaps unknowingly, we all have high expectations of our courtyards. We need them to be the entertainment zone, the play zone for the kids and pets, maybe the drying area for the clothes, a patch for the herbs and sometimes the place to park the car. There also needs to be a hiding place for the refuse bins and a few other items we do not want on show when we are entertaining.

What is a Courtyard Garden

A courtyard garden is more than just the plants. It is a garden that facilitates all of the above, highlighting some and minimizing or even hiding others. Design trends of today place the main courtyard adjacent to the internal living space of our homes.  Full height glazing will enable a picture perfect opportunity to present our courtyards as a seamless extension of the internal living space. Great if the courtyard is only for entertaining, but given the multi purpose expectations we have, courtyard design is a specialized skill.

How to create a Courtyard Garden

To create a courtyard garden, decisions will need to be made about priority activities to occur within the space. The needs of a young family will be vastly different to those of a professional couple, None the less, the design will need to create focal points that enhance the extension of the overall living space, incorporating complementary furniture. If an outdoor kitchen is envisaged, clean lines will minimize its presence. Focal points will also diminish the presence of the must haves, like the refuse area.

Small Courtyard Gardens

For small courtyard gardens, a design that achieves a sense of space, good flow, light and shade will overcome any shortcomings in size. Good courtyard garden design avoids clutter, incorporating large and bold pots and plants, adopting a restricted plant pallet. Hard surfaces like paving, privacy screens, fencing will be a harmonious addition to the building architecture, again to create the illusion of space.

Should the courtyard be adjacent a multi level home, the horizontal and vertical elements of the courtyard design will need to be in the right proportions or scale. Vertical elements to the design should be more significant.

What are the benefits of a Courtyard Garden

The benefits of a courtyard garden are to highlight and accentuate the relaxing, entertaining and greener elements of the courtyard, whilst losing the other, but necessary infrastructure elements such as the refuse area etc. 

If you are not optimizing the full potential of you your courtyard, both aesthetically or functionally contact Leaf Stone Water for professional advice.

Roof Garden Design

High density living is becoming synonymous with city life and taller buildings. Those fortunate enough to live in roof top apartments and penthouses, or with access to the roof top of the building, have all the benefits of life on the high side with enviable views.

What is a Roof Garden

A roof garden is the opportunity to utilize unused space more productively, creating an urban patch of green up high. The structural capacity of your building will determine the extent that you can go, be it a full plant covering of the roof, (still with entertainment opportunities), or with plants and trees in a collection of planter boxes and/or pots.

How to create a Roof Garden

To create a roof garden you will firstly need to obtain information regarding the load bearing capacity of the roof structure, drainage and balustrade regulations. Climatic conditions on the roof may be harsh. Temperatures are likely to be hotter than at ground level, evaporation will be faster, and winds will be stronger. Salt may also be in the air.

The choice of plants, growing mediums and pots will be influenced accordingly. Fortunately, there are new technologies that cater to the requirements of Roof Gardens. Luckily plant growers are increasing their production of suitable plant species, and despite the harsher climate on a roof, it is possible, with good design, to create an exciting garden to enjoy.

Your local Council may require a DA, and although they are generally supportive of the concept, you will need professional advice to proceed.

What are the benefits of a Roof Garden

The benefits of a roof garden are both personal and environmental. Your roof garden provides you with a garden that you would not have otherwise been able to enjoy. The contribution to the environment is monumental.

The heat generated off the tall glass and concrete apartment buildings has a detrimental impact on the enjoyment of our cities.

If you have heard of the “heat island effect” it is the direct relationship between the rising and warmer temperature of our cities, with the proliferation of these buildings. Consider the cooler temperatures of the larger public parks.

Green infrastructure can mitigate the impacts of the” heat island effect”, improve water and air quality, provides amenity and create habitat for flora and fauna.

Connect with Leaf Stone Water to gain a greater appreciation of the opportunities for your roof garden.