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Landscape Design Sydney

Personalised garden designs that add value to your home and busy lifestyle

Create your dream outdoor space with Brian Fuller, Creative Designer and Director of leading Sydney based landscape design consultancy, Leaf Stone Water. His approach is meticulous, not only with the quality of the design, but also in the selection of the construction team with the highest skills, together with the growers and nurseries supplying superior quality plants

``Beautiful Design Requires Passion, Creativity, Inspiration, Individuality, Commitment And Communication`` - Brian Fuller.

Balcony Gardens

Balcony gardens may be small, but good design will ensure they are big on impact. Being small, everything is visible and so blemishes cannot be hidden.

Courtyard Gardens

Although outside, none the less they are ``rooms`` with a huge potential to add value to both your home and to your lifestyle.

Roof Gardens

Effective roof garden design capitalises on the open sense of adventure to the space. It's the blend of panorama with the intimacy of your special place far from the busy world below.